The Old Paths with Grant Allen

The Old Paths with Grant Allen

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Welcome to The Old Paths

Welcome to the very first blog posted on my page. I’m glad you’re reading. I’m also very excited to be able to manage this page and communicate with the listening audience of The Morning Show.

Our team had discussed, for a while, of putting together a “producer’s page,” of sorts, and we’re thrilled to be able to unveil this page as a landing spot for my commentary, columns, Twitter trends, memes, and all the other things that tickle my fancy.

So what is there to expect when reading Grant Allen’s blog? Well, much of it can be informed by the title of the blog: “The Old Paths.” The title is inspired by a passage of Scripture, particularly, Jeremiah 6:16:

“Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls…”

I’ve been producer for The Morning Show with Preston Scott since December 1, 2020. I was coming off a particularly challenging season after losing my job in my previous career in June 2020, ten days after my wedding, and, y’know, that whole COVID economy thing. It kind of slowed down the likelihood of finding work.

Nevertheless I persisted and, by God’s grace, was afforded an opportunity to come on board The Morning Show.

If anyone has listened to The Morning Show for any length of time you’ve probably heard me add pithy commentary to the news of the day with Preston. In fact, Preston has, on numerous occasions, dubbed me as the “post millennial.” Not because of any particular view of eschatology, although that might be a part of the blog at some point, but because I’m 25. I’m a part of the generation that subsequently follows the millennial generation. Gen Z, or Zoomers, are starting to become a driving force of culture, politics, and economic development in the United States.

However, I couldn’t be more different than the Zoomers. Sure, I may like to peruse YouTube in my free time rather than watch cable, but I find myself disenchanted by my generation and even many aspects of the generations that have preceded me.

I hear the dismay of older generations that “I don’t even recognize my country anymore.” So, the following is my vision and an attempt at a solution to save our republic.

My hope with this blog is to restore a vision and appreciation for the old paths. Like, the remedy to a cold that only a grandmother could have passed down. The lessons taught by a father to a son on the front porch. Why certain micronutrients are beneficial for a crop yield. Why Locke is a better philosopher than Rousseau. Why art and architecture should reflect the aesthetic of historic Christendom.

I know, sounds like a wide variety of stuff that doesn’t really seem coherent. Just bear with me. My goal is to provide a comprehensive worldview of the old paths. Things we used to recognize as Americans, particularly as Christians in the West.

Stick around and thanks for being a part of The Old Paths, an expanding product of The Morning Show.

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