No, Barr Did Not Just Exonerate Hillary

RUSH: Jim, Walton Hills, Ohio. Welcome, sir, you're up first today on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Appreciate your taking my call. Say, I was wondering, is the attorney general saying that there was no other Americans involved in any of this, does that give the Clintons a free ticket to not be investigated for obstruction or collusion?


CALLER: That's good.

RUSH: Nope. Nope. Nope. Again, I'm fascinated by people's thought processes and their reaction to things. I would have never heard that when Barr said no -- look. Let me try to put you all at ease about something. Mr. Snerdley says that he put that call up first because we're getting inundated with people: “Hey, Barr just exonerated Hillary.” No. He was talking about this specific, quote, unquote, investigation.

He's trying to make the point when he says "no official of the Trump administration and in fact no American colluded with Russia to affect this election” within the context of did Trump do it, did the Trump campaign do it. Barr hasn't even begun yet on investigating the investigation.

I don't know anything, but I've seen nothing but a resolute sense of purpose on Barr's face every time he's spoken publicly about this. I think he is dead serious about getting to the bottom of this. And I think the Hillary Clinton involvement with Fusion GPS and the Perkins Coie law firm and Christopher Steele and collusion with Russia in that regard, that's a whole different investigation.

Remember, this never did happen. That did. But I don't think Barr is exonerating Hillary or anybody else with this statement today. This statement that he gave today was made specifically to try to do what he could to control the news narrative today related to public opinion about the Trump administration and President Trump himself, not anything else.

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