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Orphan Shade - You Did It, We're 100% There!

UPDATE: We got the word Thursday morning, November 30 that we are at $1,000 in monthly support.

Last "Giving Season" many of you did the incredible ... you gave sacrificially, generously. So much so, that listeners of The Morning Show with Preston Scott provided the funding to build a house in Malawi, but not just any house. This house will be a home for eight little girls and a husband and wife which have given their life to raise those girls as their own.

Orphan Shade is a unique ministry. They do not build orphanges, they build homes for children who have lost both of their parents. They focus on girls because in Malawi they are the most vulnerable to trafficking and worse. A local church comes along side to help, but Orphan Shade relies on monthly recurring donations to support the home.

The initial heavy lift was done when we collectively raised around $35,000 to build the home. The home is under construction and it's now time to raise the support it will need to provide food, clothing, and an education for these girls. As is always the case, I never ask you to support something I do not support.

My wife and I have been a supporter of home #1 for a few years. The WFLA/iHeart home is home #3 and we have signed up to support it monthly as well. The goal was $1,000 a month in recurring giving. Of course, one-time gifts will be gratefully received and put to use. Overage funding will provide bibles for the growing Christian community in the village where this home is located which is in Mdeka, Malawi.

We have reached our goal for home #3 in Mdeka. I am so grateful.

You can still support though because home #4 is in the planning stage and there are always needs. If you would like to support Orphan Shade, just go here.

Click here to give.

My friends, you have done something incredible ... not only did many of you help raise the money to build this house, but now listeners of The Morning Show with Preston Scott (aka: The Ruminators) will support the ten people who will call this house their home.

God Bless you all and Merry Christmas!

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