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FBI Whistleblowers Testify Before House Judiciary

We have chronicled the not-so-secret police of Resident Joe Biden ... the FBI.

It is important to note the overwhelming majority of field agents and personnel are amazing patriots, but leadership is (clearing my throat) lacking. I cannot definitively say when it began (some would say J. Edgar Hoover), but the Federal Bureau of Investigation is compromised.

Of late, the examples are alarming: school board meetings and considering questioning parents as terrorists, Christian churches as terrorist organizations, supporters of the pro-life movement as terrorists. Of course, the flashpoint for all of this was the Presidency of Donald Trump.

It is my contention that Barack Obama's decision to remain in Washington, D.C. post-presidency was the warning of the formation of a deep state administration. His people remained in the FBI, CIA, and key roles of government. Instead of cleaning out the swamp, Trump made the mistaske of trusting, in some situations, and it cost him.

Trump fought for his entire term in office, yet still accomplished a great deal.

But the perfect storm unfolded against him in his reelection bid. COVID got loose, Democrat run voting counties and states coordinated enough to disrupt the election and Biden was installed as occupant of the White House (aka: The Resident of The United States).

Then, January 6, 2021 happened when the FBI instigated the "riots" at and in the United States Capitol. It, without any doubt, infiltrated the crowd and fanned the flames. Recorded audio and video make this a factual statement.

We have had the trampling of civil rights of those arrested for their "role" in January 6th, the lack of due process, and the outright lies of the federal government. We've watched the unwillingness to investigate Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family, including the "Big Guy," Joe himself.

This all brings us to the whistleblowers ... the subject is the weaponization of the federal government.

The first video is a small portion of one exchange; the second video is the hearing in full.

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