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And Another Thing ... The Question I Have Been Asking

On most weeks I do a couple of commentaries former TMS producer David Allen named, "And Another Thing."

Seldom do I dedicate space on my blog with the transcript and an added thought or two (I am limited to one-minute on-air). However, I think this is so important I decided to push it out here as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in serious trouble.

Even if we balkanized the country, arranged a divorce between the liberal and conservative states, we would still be in trouble. My contention has been clear on the show since Joe Biden was installed as Resident of The United States and the moment his first executive order killed the Keystone XL Pipeline.

But, for the sake of the blog give me a moment to make the argument via a question.

I have asked the question of members of Congress, reporters, deep thinkers, friends, and family. Most don't answer. My hunch is that deep down they know the answer, but the mere voicing of it would cause them to faint.

When you take a broad, macro view of our country and survey things here’s what you see…

The end of our energy independence...Runaway debt...Confiscatory taxation...Printing money like its intended use is Monopoly...Inflation in each part of the economy and a correlating squeeze on most of our wallets...Rising costs at the grocery store, elevated prices at the gas pump...As a result, soaring credit...Small businesses unable to hire and keep employees, let alone pay rent...Exploding crime and an attack on law enforcement...An invasion of our southern border...A weakening of our military...And don’t even get me started on the potential sinister nature of the Covid jabs.

That list, though soul crushing, is the tip of the iceberg…and we are not changing course on one, not one of the policies which have led to the problems listed above. So, let's get to the question…

If all of this isn’t intentional, what is it?

Chew on it…write me your thoughts,

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