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Disregard What Trump Said - The Appeal of Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump was a wonderful policy President. Sadly, he was, and is, a vengeful, childish senior adult. That is not a winsome combination. Here we are, on the brink of having a shot, a chance at slowing down the destruction of our nation and Trump is lobbing insults at Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis while rallying the troops in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

"Ron DeSanctimonious."

Really? Conservatives on social media are asking what in the world he is thinking and they are correct.

I would love to ask "The Donald" who he voted for in the Governor's race in Florida four years ago? DeSantis or Andrew Gillum? This year, Ron DeSantis or Charlie Crist? Or did Trump lay out and not vote?

This is Trump at his petty, ego-driven worst. It shows the single, biggest obstacle he faces in a 2024 run...himself.

My advice to Gov. DeSantis would be to keep taking the high road, keep governing the state of Florida as you have - with wisdom, boldness, and a true, unwavering north on your compass. I would recommend he not worry about courting the favor of Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, or the Bush family. Just be you...with God on your side, it is enough. The "leaders" in Congress will come along side. They need you; you do not need them. I beg you to trust me.

I would suggest laying out of the 2024 race and finish the job as Governor and leave the state safer, freer, and better-off. Then, make your run in 2028 with the platform of "America First."

For anyone who may not have figured it out, yet. This short interview does a great job explaing why Ron DeSantis is the best governing executive in our nation.

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