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Martha's Vineyard Reveals Illiberal Hypocrisy

A few, a very few residents of Martha's Vineyard get it.

One or two have gone on the record to explain how the sudden influx of "undocumented guests" have caused them to reflect on the immigration policies of Resident Joe Biden. One stating, "It's a political stunt, but there is a path to enter legally and they have to follow it."

When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis chartered a plane of illegals, who somehow found their way to Florida, and redirected them to the playground of Barack and Michelle Obama, the illiberal media and the leftists in Congress screamed. I'm pretty sure B&O could have hosted the all fifty illegal aliens in their home alone, it's that big, but no, they did not roll out the red carpet and the citizens of Martha's Vineyard wanted none of it. Despite the all of mega-wealth and mega-mansions there was no opening of their doors.

One local elected Commissioner had proclaimed sometime back that he would love for Martha's to be a sanctuary community. He had his chance.

And that's the thing about illiberals, leftists, socialists, most Democrats - instead of rolling out their own welcome mat or stroking a check from their personal accounts, they want the rest of us, all taxpayers, to bear the cost. It's why I laugh at Warren Buffett when he opines about not paying enough taxes because there is nothing stopping him from paying much, much more to ease his conscience. In fact, the money would go to reducing our national debt. But noooo, most of them do not have the courage of their convictions.

Name the topic. Guns - they have security details and work behind metal detectors. Gorebal warming - they continue to fly, drive, and live as they see fit while clamping down on how you live. COVID-19 - they enact policies, guidelines, and mandates and ignore them.

At Martha's Vineyard, there needed to be some cheese because the whine went like this, "We don't have the infrastructure for this."

Yeah, and you think the small towns in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona do? Oh, and those communities have been dealing with tens of thousands, not fifty. Fifty people caused a meltdown of Martha's elitists.

Thankfully, I am not alone in my appraisal. Our friends from Sky News Australia have picked up on the story.

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