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DoD/COVID-19 Whistleblower Joins Preston...This You Have To Hear

Well, I was right wasn't I?

Far from the only one who warned about the absurdity of the "pandemic," I told you first and foremost that there has never (and still has not) been one vaccine (true definition of the word, not the new made up one) developed in the history of man which can defeat a coronavirus. Ever.

It's common sense. It was, and is, scientific fact.

It's not debatable. There is not one doctor, expert, or scientist in the world who can claim otherwise.

What was so frustrating is that this is common knowledge, yet the mainstream media allowed the medical and Big Pharma communities to deceive and outright lie to us all and it continues. What is worse is the vaccines being used are still being offered under Emergency Use Authorization (I know, the FDA "approved" those shots and a new batch, but those vaccines have never and will never be used in America), may be injuring and killing Americans. It doesn't seem to matter that federal law states no one can be forced to receive it. No one; not for any job anywhere.

To the point of this interview...this mandate protocol is injuring and killing our military, as well.

Which means we are compromised in our national defense.

This is a crime. More than a year ago, I introduced you to Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, US Army. He and a handful of others have paid an incredible price for following the true science and warning of the dangers of our treatment protocols. He still sits, almost in a type of house arrest on a base in Arizona.

He has been joined in his whistleblower status by others. Notably, Lt. Col. Dr. Pete Chambers. Dr. Chambers served as a Special Forces Flight Surgeon and was a Green Beret. He was given illegal orders. He refused to follow them. And here was are...his story, his words, his warnings.

You decide.

Please share this with as many people as possible.

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