U.S. Military Documents Contradict Fauci Testimony To Congress

This has not been an Agatha Christie whodunit. There is no mystery. In fact, I would argue COVID-19 started as a accidental pandemic which was leveraged into a plandemic. I know many of you think diferently, but that is for another day, another time.

From the masks to the vaccines (aka, shots, jabs, treatments) this is all very easily understood and explained.

I have offered the "Just One Challenge" to any listener (or medical professional), who will go on the air using their real name, who will defend the mandates - masks, vaccines, etc. So far it's been crickets. Just like the original "Just One Challenge" which was to explain what wonderful job Joe Biden is doing as Resident of The United States. No one, nada, zip, zero, donut, a bagel - not one single person will come on the show to defend the guy (at least no one willing to own it by using their real name).

Listeners of my show may remember a recent discussion that one of our biggest obstacles is that of pride, the inability to admit we are wrong when we are wrong, and that absolutely applies to COVID and the medical/political leadership. Most of them all have been wrong...some with the best of intentions, some with the worst.

Behind it all is the devious and deceptive Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Project Veritas, hours ago, proved it.

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