Preston's Music Library - Friday Edition! "Believe For It" by CeCe Winans

I specifically chose this song for this week because of my email box.

"Believe For It" resonantes as an anthem of rescue for the hearts of so many who are losing their jobs and losing their hope wondering what in the world is going on. While the answers do not always come in our time, rest assured God will have the last word on all which is being done and He will not be mocked. CeCe Winans, always one of my favorite vocalists is the perfect chosen vessel for this message.

Friends, fine encouragement in knowing we have been here before. The Bible is full of stories of affliction and persecution and God's people are never, ever forsaken even if some do not see it in thir lifetime. There is a great arc to the story of God it is HisStory.

Believe For It.

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