Pfizer Exec Sprints To Avoid Project Veritas Questions

We have chronicled the reporting by Project Veritas on my blog page on the biggest heath story in my lifetime. The story continues with a somewhat humorous twist as a research executive with Pfizer literally runs away from a Project Veritas reporter.

Then there's this scientist for Pfizer admitting the vaccine does not always deliver any antibody improvement. Yet, when he brought up the test results to his surpervisor his boss said it didn't matter.

See and hear for yourself.

The landscape is changing. Court challenges are mounting and the SCOTUS has opened the door to hear a case in Maine within the next two weeks. Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, especially because Pfizer is deceptively still not releasing the FDA-approved vaccine (to protect itself from lawsuits) and because all of the vaccines do not confer immunity (which is what the vaccines for Polio, Mumps, Measles, Small Pox do).

You could argue the vaccine isn't even a very effective treatment.

But get your mind around this simple fact: not one person in America has received the FDA-approved vaccine.

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