30 Facts - Your COVID Cribsheet

One of our research assistants hit the motherlode of a fully sourced piece assembled by Kit Knightly at the website Off-Guardian.org. I had never heard of Kit. I don't if Kit is a guy or a gal. It doesn't matter. It also does not matter whether Kit is a researcher, doctor, journalist, mom, dad, or something else. Here's all I know (from Kit's Twitter page): Accidental journalist, deliberate contrarian, overworked editor. Increasingly impatient with the general state of things.

Why doesn't Kit's expertise matter? Because everything inside the fact sheet is sourced. You can determine the accuracy of the summation yourself.

I am grateful for this because I have tried to push out information on my blog the best I can. In fact, if you simply look at my blog page and go to the bottom of the entries and hit the "Load More" button and keep doing it you will see how I have repeatedly tried to keep you abreast of the science which is contrary to the narrative being shoved down our throats with the same vigor as the COVID test swab was stuck up our sinus cavity.

So, here it is and, please, in the name of all which is good and decent, share this page with others. A LOT of others because next week is Spark Week and I am not talking about this stuff or any of the other topics we normally have to push out for an entire week.

Click Here to read the 30 Facts You NEED To Know: Your Covid Cribsheet.

Yes, I put the link in three different places. That ought to do...oh, and print the thing out...you never know.

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