How Gorebal Warming Activists Are Working Their Magic

I feel bad for Greta Thunberg because I am sure there was once a sweet little girl who genuinely loved nature and wanted to hug a tree for the sheer love of it all. However, she has chosen to become a poster child for man-made climate change. Most of her do-as-I-say not as-I-do colleagues are modern day David Copperfields and Harry Houdinis - they use deception to convice the masses their sorcery is real.

Always remember, when I write "climate" change" I mean Gorebal Warming - the invention of Al Gore to live lavishly off investments he made and then managed to deceive (or bully) others into embracing. The movement has had to change its name multiple times due to it not being scary enough to simply not being believable. Case in point - the cold snap this week produced snow across much of America and the frost in France may decimate the 2021 wine industry.

Had Al simply said the climate is changing he would have universal agreement because from its creation it always has changed (and it always will). But Al would not have been able to make a fortune (while continuing to live with the sacrifices of private jets, SUV rides and escorts, and personally using more energy in one month than most will use in a year). Also, have you noticed how Al Gore simply disappears every bad winter or late snowfall? It's as if he is a bear in hibernation when the narrative does not fit.

So as another "Earth Day" comes and goes (it was April 22), and I point out 50 predictions famously made by alarmists NONE of which came true, I offer you this video. It's a gift. It takes you behind the curtain and shows you how it's done...the magic of Gorebal Warming, err Climate Change.