CNN Tech Director Admits Network Helping BLM With Favorable Coverage

Klantifa thugs, who have descended on Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, attacked (yes, literally) a CNN (ironic) news crew causing to each member to flee for their life. All of it was recorded. Among the things recorded by witnesses on their phones were screams to take their cameras to "peaceful protests" elsewhere and threatening the team for recording the violence they were engaged in. Klantifa wants to destroy, beat, intimidate, etc. all in anonymity. They, like the KKK are cowards hiding behind their own "sheets." Hence, Klantifa.

All of this is curious because CNN has famously done the opposite. Ignored the obvious violence by trying to portray Klantifa and BLM as peaceful. In fairness, there are some members of BLM who are peaceful and earnest in their efforts.

The issue as it relates to this latest release by Project Veritas is that CNN is admitting through its staff being recorded undercover that the network intentionally buries relevent facts and news to keep the narrative (whatever it is at the moment) intact. What separates CNN from the rest? It has been caught.

The other networks (FOX News? I'm not sure anymore) are doing the exact same thing. They are all discredited and you need to know and share it. Start with sharing links to my recent blogs on the topic of CNN alone. These tapes speak for themselves.