Southern Border Crisis - It's All On Biden

Get your mind around the number of UNaccompanied children currently in U.S. custody in recent weeks under the Biden/Harris policy changes...eighteen THOUSAND. The storyline of ripped apart familes never had much to it during the Donald Trump Presidency. Most of the time children were being separated from adults not known to them. The proof is what we have right now - 18,000 unaccompanied children in custody. The numbers are spiraling.

This is horrifying and it is entirely because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris invited people to illegally come to the USA. Yes, what follows - the crime, the job loss, the loss of life, the cost is all Democrats fault.

The pictures speak for themselves.

By Permission - Getty Photos



The current administration has been blocking the media from the U.S. Detention Centers, but also members of Congress from taking photos and video to document the invasion's scope and make-up. As a result even members of Biden's own party have released their own photos.

Can you imagine the uproar if Trump had enabled this kind of invasion of our southern border?

In this video, Project Veritas interviews a member of U.S. Border Patrol who provides chilling insight into the type of people entering our country.