Will You Accept The Torch?

It's taken a while, but FOX News has finally caught on to political cartoonist A.F. Branco. Of course, it may be trying to curry favor with millions of viewers it alienated with its disgraceful election coverage.

Antonio Branco has been drawing masterpieces for years. Insightful with a touch of "ouch." A listener pointed me in his direction years ago and because I swing for the fences I wrote Antonio and asked for his permission to publish his work on my blog.

That's what you do - you ask for permission.

I am convinced it is why I have had success over the years with guests, columnists, and an artist like Antonio. When you honor people's work by asking for permission to reprint or publish they ususally say yes because they appreciate the courtesy. Antonio gave me his written permission - something I have had to show my boss...lol.

Back to this drawing.

Since Rush announced his diagnosis I have wondered what would, what will, happen when his live voice is silenced. Of course technology makes it possible that Rush's voice will never, ever really leave us and I am grateful. I listened to his explanation of how to succeed to a listener in a recording on Thursday and it was so dog-gone good.

Rush Limbaugh carried a mantle of responsibility. What happens to it? A.F. Branco's drawing embraced the answer. I belive it is the correct answer with all of my heart.

On Loan From God

On Loan From God