Project Veritas - Updates, Firings, and Arrests

Since the mainstream media (MSM) has long abdicated its responsibility to hold the elect accountable, real journalism has had to come from elsewhere. Enter Project Veritas. Let's start with a newer story which illustrates how deep the hateful, illiberal mindset of the left lives and breathes inside media outlets.

Here is undercover video of the former (more on that later) chief counsel for PBS. Remember, PBS and NPR are funded in large part by you and your tax dollars. You would think there should be a modicum of objectivity, but not. It has been known for decades how illiberal these entities are even if they do present, on occasion, some terrific programming.

Here's what happened to Mr. Beller shortly after the distribution of Project Veritas' video.

Then in a follow-up to a previous video we posted of someone committing voter fraud the Texas Attorney General issued an arrest warrant for four felony charges. Here's the story but do not lose sight of the fact there is evidence of this all over the country. Project Veritas has only caught some of it on tape (and some of the tape was actually shot and posted by the people buying, yes buying, votes).

To illustrate my point, remember this illegal voting activity involving U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar? What's amazing is the subject of the video went on to claim that Project Veritas bribed him to engage in the activity. Of course, the failing MSM jumped all over the story failing to mention he posted the video of him paying for votes HIMSELF!