Apple, Google, and Amazon Team Up...To Silence Dissent

"Deep and wide...DEEP and WIDE...there's a swamp which lives deep and wide." With apologies to the old church song, who knew how deep and wide the swamp really was when it was identified by Donald Trump when he was candidate for President? What we are witnessing right now is the scariest thing I have seen in my sixty years of life on terra firma.

With the decision by Apple and Google to "suspend" social media outlet Parler and Amazon and its servers to render the site a black hole we are watching something take hold in America. It is hate. Hate is taking hold and the powers of Washington, D.C., Silicon Valley, etc. are sending a notice to never vote another "Donald Trump" into the White House or else.

The Walkaway Campaign had its Facebook presence, and that of all of its leaders, shut down. That's 500K member strong Walkaway campaign, folks.

We are in uncharted waters right now.

You've heard of a state-run media? In America - we now have a media-run state.

My advice...stay calm and pray. There's a time for five stones and slingshot, but that time is not now. However, if someone breaks into your home...

In the meantime...listen to the CEO pf Parler.