The Message MSM Outlets and Social Media Will Not Let You See & Hear

It is clear that there were Trump supporters in the mele which ensued at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. It was a sad day. It is not, as one local teacher told his class, a day which will live in infamy. But, that shallow hyperbole is indicative of the narrative. It doesn't matter the mainsteam media (MSM) ignored the violence across the country because it polled poorly for Democrats. It does not matter that MSNBC's Chris Cuomo declared the kind of violence which took place on Wednesday acceptable and understandable on national television previously.

The hypocrisy is par for the course. And it will continue.

Do I think Klantifa played a role in the violence? Without a doubt. Klantifa has long bragged about doing just that - infiltrating rallies supporting President Trump and carrying out acts of violence wearing pro-Trump clothing and holding pro-Trump signs.

Listen to the President's speech on Wednesday and tell me one thing spoken which "incited violence?"

Still, Trump supporters helped put into motion something which may lead to the most difficult, divisive times in America since the Civil War. President Trump was and is the excuse. Only time will tell.

Right now I think it is crucial that those who claim to be Christians act like it. Only God can address the problems we face.

In the world of sports we have winners and losers, but most times teams and coaches shake hands and try again on another day. It's because in sports they play by the same set of rules which govern both teams. Today in America our common guildelines, God's Word, are not adhered to by both sides. You could make the argument they are not much adhered to by one side for that matter.

The Republican party is in a crisis and has been for decades. It wants power and has sacrificed its soul to get it. It wants to win elections, not change hearts and minds. The Democrat party is lost. It's Godless platform speaks for itself.

As unfair as the election was (and the evidence of fraud and/or failed process abounds) President Trump does own some of the responsibility due to his conduct at times while in office. He never would have lost one voter had he simply filtered himself. While he gained twelve million voters, he should have gained thirty million. Our country was better under President Trump's policies. The election should have been a landslide against the most feeble, low accomplishing candidate (and tandem) the Democrats have put up since Walter Mondale.

So, as we prepare for the unthinkable - a Biden/Harris (or is it Harris/Biden?) White House - I want to shatter another of the current narratives. Right now there are actually efforts to remove Donald Trump from office via the 25th Amendment.

You can argue he did not lose the election, but that ship has sailed. Just remember this...Donald Trump has been credited with 74 million votes in 2020 and that is one heck of a base.

But remember when the Democrats and its PR wing, the MSM, peddled out the notion that Trump would not leave office voluntarily or peacefully should it come to that? Ask yourself...why would the media, and that includes Facebook & Twitter, not want you to see and hear his message yesterday?

Because it does not fit the narrative even if it would help calm things. Seriously...whether love the guy, hate the guy, or are somewhere in the need to watch and listen.

Well, I have it and here it is.