To Those Who Say No One Is Held Accountable

Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe offered a message of encouragement in light of the events in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. Politicians come (some stay much onger than they should) and go. Truth, however, is eternal and stands the test of time.

The narrative in our nation's capital is likely wrong because it is constructed by a mainstream media which has ignored far worse events for far long for years.

Let me let into my world for a's an email I received. Because I am a decent person I will not release the last name of Barbara. Just her email. She writes occasionally toshare her opinion with me.


Wed 1/6/2021 4:48 PM - Scott, Preston

God save America. No thanks to you and your hate. Including your followers and others like Rush Hannity. Damn you for your hatred. How can your children look up to you unless you ingrained hatred into their souls. May God save your soul. Over and out. 

My response.

Shame on you. 

Where have you been for the last YEARS of hate, violence, and vitriol in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Baltimore, NYC, St. Louis, Cleveland, Detroit, etc. I could go on and on Barbara. 

You and your choice of political leaders have sat silent...unwilling to say one word. The shame is on you and people like you. 

Is there a chance that Trump supporters took to violence? Yes. But, there is a greater chance it was Klantifa and should that ever be proven your cowardice will once again reveal itself in your total silence. 

I condemn actions by those who are's why the GOP has no love for me either, but how dare you remotely suggest I, or those like me, played a role in what happened yesterday. It is in the blind, deaf, and mute indifference of people like you who ignore the obvious - then wait and cherry pick without knowing one fact. 

You need not worry about whatever speck you may think is in my eye while there is a plank blinding your own vision. 

Now, on to James O'Keefe.