WATCH! Dem. Member of Tennessee House Lays It Down!

There are two different, yet similar, narratives playing out around the "sentiment" black lives matter.

Oh, and, of course they do, just like everyone else; all lives matter.

One: the grievances over the rare (statistical fact) occurrences of police brutality where we all stand together in support of those who have been wronged. But those protests have been hijacked by a bunch of white kids who never got a spanking when they were children. They have no tolerance of any opposing thought because they never encountered anything in their precious little lives which required them to cope. Their helicopter parents never let them experience coming in last, let alone second. I call them Klantifa. They are punks who hide behind black masks; cowards just like the Ku klux Klan. Hence: Klantifa. They are NOT anti-fascists because they ARE the fascists.

Two: The BLM movement which stands for Marxism (their words, not mine); the destruction of the traditional family (their words, not mine and something which is not even remotely supported by the black community). The movement believes in rioting and looting because, after-all, they are owed and businesses "have insurance." This logic is so sick, so twisted it is to be laughed at and not entertained, listened to or even considered. Check out (warning graphic) the Chicago BLM chapter threats.

Comically, there are City leaders (see: Mayor of Tallahassee) who actually think there's a way to separate the "sentiment" from the movement. The rest of the rational world - black and white and everything in between - cannot. They are irrevocably linked.

But as this drags on more and more people are having their own Popeye moment (just like the #Walkaway Campaign - those who had enough of the Democrat party and the MSM public relations wing and literally have walked). They are sick of it all. The backlash has started and it's about time.

Exhibit 134 is Tennessee State Representative John DeBerry (D - yes, DEM-O-CRAT). Check out his commentary from a few days back. Pay attention to those around him as he talks and the response he gets when finished.

My thanks to my pal, David Allen, who sent this my way.