My Interview with FSU President John Thrasher

It's so funny how some people want a pound of flesh.

When FSU President John Thrasher agreed to come on my show there were no discussions on what would be discussed and what would NOT be discussed. Thrasher has been around for, as the kids say, a minute. You may not like what he has to say, but he will not duck a question.

Still, some want me to abuse a guest they disagree with, but that is not my style. Like it or not (and it seems nineteen years and 7,000 plus interviews later most like it) I choose to offer courtesy and respect to my guests. I want to let them answer the questions I ask. What good is it for me to fight and argue and never talk with someone again. never changes anyone's mind. Besides (2) I have three hours each day I can share my thoughts.

Do I agree with all of the decisions of President Thrasher? Of course not, but I am not required to agree. I agree with some, shake my head at others. Still, I did ask about that which so many wanted me to ask and I nudged a little on the importance of it.

So, here it is if you missed it.