WATCH! Michelle Malkin Investigates: BLM

Now that the City of Tallahassee, yes Florida's capital, has chosen to honor this movement without knowing its purpose it is even more important to learn. The City has, with the best of intentions, walked into a hornets nest. It has allowed a public intersection to be turned into a public forum and in doing so created a new place for anyone to demand nearly anything to be painted on a street or intersection.

If such requests are turned down the lawsuits will come as they have elsewhere.

A local government may not advance one message in the public forum at the exclusion of others.

That is the sad reality of all of this. As I stated in an earlier commentary, "If you cannot state 'Black Lives Matter' you have a problem, but if you cannot state 'All Lives Matter' you have the exact same problem."

The message, forgetting the organizational goals which are questionable, is so divisive and exclusionary. Do Asian lives matter? What about Hispanic? And dare I say it, what about "white" lives? We are walking down a path fraught with problems. Not lost is the irony, the laudable goal of inclusion is, it turns out, exclusionary.

Slowly, but surely Americans (especially black Americans) are learning the truth about Black Lives Matter. In the meantime, check out what true investigative journalism looks like on the big stage. The lamestream media wants no part of telling this story.

Pay close attention to the names, faces, and voices and remember, "Facts are stubborn things."

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