LISTEN! A Modern Parable - The Man and The Birds

It is a modern day parable.

The story is courtesy of Louis Cassells, former Religion Editor (think of that...a time when news organizations actually had one) of the United Press International (UPI). The late Paul Harvey made this his annual Christmas monologue. 

I have added to the story and former WFLA Program Director Jeff Wolf enhanced it with sound production to bring the feature a sense of "being there." It is my favorite Christmas story because it beautifully explains the Advent, the Coming of Christ, to a skeptic who has struggled each Christmas season for years.

Please consider setting the right perspective when you open your Christmas gifts by listening to The Man and The Birds as a family. As you gaze at the tree remember it was the wood from a tree that held Jesus as He died. When you look at the lights on the tree - remember how God sent His Son to be the light of the world, to drive away darkness. As you marvel at the gifts remember that God so loved the world He gave His Only Son...what a remarkable gift.

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