WATCH! Local Singer-Songwriter Paid The Price for Supporting The President

This is the story of bigotry and hate hidden in the rags of religion. It's also the story of a young man's decision to stand in the face of both at the cost of his livelihood.

Last year a young man reached out to me and his name is Michael Collins. Michael was suddenly dismissed from his position at a large, predominantly, black church because he had the audacity to support President Trump. Why would the leadership of a black congregation want that when the President's policies have led to economic prosperity, record unemployment, and fewer minorities relying on welfare and food stamps?

The answer is in the opening sentence. Bigotry and hate - the pre-programmed idea that Democrats are the only ones who care. Laughably, it's the opposite. Democrat and illiberal policies have ensnared blacks in a system filled with despair and victim-hood far worse than what their ancestors endured and were eventually victorious over (which was, in fact, opposed by...wait for it...Democrats). A quick study of history shows the oppressors and those who opposed of the civil rights movement of the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's and even today were/are Democrats.

It's why there is a Exodus Movement...and #Walkaway Campaign. All three movements are growing slowly, but surely.

Things have not changed much in a couple thousand years. The religious always cloak themselves in religion to justify bad decisions. For Michael, though I cannot say for certain, I am guessing it's better this way because a congregation which lives under the kind of leadership so blinded by reality is not going to accomplish much for the Lord.

There's a story in the Bible about people who basically say, "But Lord, we did all of these really religious things in your name!" and Jesus rebukes them with the words, "Go away. I never knew you."

I am doing what I can to help Michael get this song in front of the President. It's also a rough recording...a precursor to the real one, just to whet your appetite. Please share this wherever you can. His story precedes the song which begins about three minutes into the video.

Keep America Great!

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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