WATCH! My 4th of July Gift to You

While you can see it (after all, conservative content is under assault at YouTube and parent company Google) here's a Prager U segment on our nation's founding. Too many young people have been kept from a true study of the Founders and their philosophy and origin of ideas for America.

For example, people actually think "the separation of church and state" is located in the Constitution. It's not even remotely there. Thomas Jefferson wrote the phrase in a letter to Baptists in Danbury, CT who worried the new government would replicate the doctrine of England and establish a national church like the Church of England.

A poll today, I am guessing, would reveal a majority of Americans and a super majority of millennials and Gen Zers believe it is in the Constitution.

Jefferson addressed the fears of Baptist church officials with the statement. The new United States of America would not have a national church - no one denomination would be favored - and the government would not "establish" a government sponsored church. The idea is clear in the 1st Amendment. However, illiberals and even some well-meaning Christians have come to assert the government cannot even acknowledge its own roots found in Judeo/Christianity.

It is a grave mistake and our nation is paying the price.

In this short clip you and your family will learn a fraction of what the Framers thought regarding our country and you will be keenly aware of their individual and collective thoughts on religion and its role.

Use this for your 4th of July BBQ discussions and happy grilling!

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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