WATCH: Near Tragedy Turns To Triumph of Will

I confess a love of flying (as in actual piloting of an airplane) and a fear of heights. I know, it makes little sense but when when I am in control of a plane I love the experience of flight. When I am not I get a little queasy. Tall buildings and balconies, ledges, roofs..."No, thank you" and the list goes on and on. 

I would never, ever jump from a perfectly good airplane and parachute down. Ever. I would not consider a tandem jump either. The same goes for hang gliding. This video and story confirms my conviction. 

A guy from Florida (of course) is in Switzerland on vacation. The Swiss have a beautiful land for sure, but the tourist decided this would be the time to see the mountains, hills, and countryside from a few thousand feet up tethered to an experienced hang glider pilot for a tandem flight. 

The operative word is tethered because it turns out he was not. 

We'll let the video take it from here because our Floridian tells the story wonderfully well and he is a champion. His Sid-the-Sloth philosophy of "I choose life" gave him the strength to persevere...and save his own life. 

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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