Blog: Polls and Purse Strings

Have you noticed the seven day change?

What a difference a week makes. 

Suddenly, Florida Governor Rick Scott has a slim lead over incumbent Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson in some polls. In others it's a dead heat; in others it is a near dead heat. The point is the numbers have magically changed. All in the final seven days before the election. 

The same has happened in the Florida governor's race. Andrew "Call Me Mayor" Gillum is no longer running away with the race against Ron DeSantis. The more Floridians learn about Andrew the more they become reluctant to give him their vote.

First, always keep in mind you can make a poll say whatever you want by who you ask and what and how you ask them. But, when you get to the home stretch, most (not all) polling firms want to be a right as possible, thus you get far more accurate polling. 

The takeaway is to never believe what pollsters are telling you until the final few days, and even then take it with a grain of salt. Polling said Hillary was going to win to the end, except she didn't because pollsters could not account for people who were not asked and do not answer when called. 

At this time of the year most polling outfits want to brag about being right. It's financially important for them to sell their services. As a result polling will be more accurate.

Over the last year (maybe longer) all of the polling was designed to shape public opinion by creating a false narrative. Remember the "blue wave?" Even if the the Dems take the U.S. House there will not likely be a blue wave.

The fictional alternate reality - it is something the mainstream media (MSM) excels at creating. Like the alternate 1984 in the Back-2-The Future II. But, it does not stop with polling. The MSM does the same creating the false narrative each day in the news then supporting it with false or manipulated polling data. 

Here's an example of the false narrative. 

I think it was Democrat consultant, Clinton pal, and part-time movie actor, James Carville who once famously said, "It's the economy stupid." Some think those simple words won the 1992 election for Bill Clinton against incumbent President George H.W. Bush.

Amazingly, over the weekend the MSM Sunday shows all came to the exact same set of talking points. Namely, "It's the economy stupid!" Suddenly, the MSM became interested in the economic success the nation is enjoying.

  • Side bar point to anyone who doubts the mainstreamers get their marching orders from the Democrat party and consultants. Just think about the laughable coincidence of the MSM all shouting the praises of the Trump economy the Sunday before the election. 


Really, that is so very funny. You have Barack Obama (aka B.O.) touring the country in half empty arenas taking credit for an economy which is on a near historic run. Yet, the MSM Sunday shows all were talking about a "rolling economy" and the shock that President Trump is not talking about it. That alone rips the rug out from under B.O., but why all of a sudden is the media so smitten with the economy?  

It's a great question. Perhaps it is trying to goad him into dropping his illegal immigration policy push. I don't know. What I know is there is a reason why the MSM at the eleventh hour decides to extol the virtues of the economy. 

Here's what this all means to you. 

  • Ignore the polls and vote. Yes, even those of you hit hard by Hurricane Michael. Don't think for one second the outcome of the governor's race, in particular, is not very, very important to your future. A governor named Gillum will greatly hinder your ability, even chances, to recover from the storm. Businesses will simply bypass Florida if Gillum is governor seeing it as a sign the state will be turning from a pro growth, low tax economic set of policies to more tax and more regulation which leads to a contracting economy. 
  • Remember, the economy matters. We have the lowest unemployment in 49 years. Record low unemployment numbers for minorities. The quarterly GDP is more than double the final quarters of B.O., consumer confidence is exploding with growth as is investment in business expansion. Most importantly, for those you who want to make more money there are more jobs (and more coming each month) and an expanding job market makes it an employees market because workers are in demand. The result: wages are up.

If you want to end it all, vote for Democrats. If you want to keep the train rolling, then vote for just about anyone who is not a Democrat. 

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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