WATCH: UT Students React to Pro-Kavanaugh Protesters

Like you, I have watched a lot of videos in my day of protesters expressing their views...sometimes badly. There have been moments when I had to just shake my head at those on "the right" who simply used terrible messaging and incited unnecessary anger from those who think differently. 

But, generally speaking those days are long gone. The conservative messaging is getting more sophisticated and bold. More and more are #WalkingAway from the left and joining the growing numbers of young, and old, conservatives who express themselves simply and thoughtfully. 

Predictably, illiberals are simply unable to handle it. 

At the University of Texas, students in support of due process for SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh set up a table in an open area and displayed posters suggesting a series of thoughts not shared by all students.

WARNING: This video features illiberal snowflakes who cannot express themselves without using vulgar words, committing simple battery, and destruction of property - be advised there is plenty of profanity. 

The UT Dean of Students could not get them to understand how wrong they were. Additionally, the Dean of Students did not call campus police and he should have done so. 

This video left me shaking...literally. 

I am so angry at what has been allowed to happen in our country. Most Democrats have remained silent about this kind of conduct (along with the public harassing of GOP elected officials). In fact, some (U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters) have even encouraged this kind of action. 

WARNING 2: One day, someone will have had enough. They will get attacked and will return with action to defend themselves. Mark it down. It will happen (though I earnestly hope I am wrong). 

WARNING 3: The lack of understanding some of the UT students display is a stinging indictment of parenting and education in America. 

This video needs to be shown to every illiberal you know. Sit with them and ask them if they condone this conduct. Do not let them change the subject. 

This video needs to be shown to every Democrat. Ask them if they condone this kind of counter-protest. Do not let them change the subject. 

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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