Lessons Learned From Kavanaugh Confirmation...So Far

Here's a brief look at what we've learned...so far

The confirmation process surrounding the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh has offered us another snapshot of America today. It's not a pretty picture. 

For a nation in which the majority of its citizens claim to believe in God the evidence would suggest we are a closer to a Godless society finding our deities elsewhere. We have lost our way and the hearing process surrounding Kavanaugh more closely resembles ancient Rome when the mob would hold a thumb up or down to determine the fate of the accused. 

Our longstanding ideal of "innocent until proven guilty" has been inexorably altered, but only as it applies to Republicans or conservatives. The mainstream media has an agenda and it has joined with a willing social media world to render someone like Kavanaugh guilty regardless. 

So, let's step back from this obscenity and consider some of the many lessons learned...so far (yes, this could change at any moment). In no particular order:

  • If you are interested in being a Supreme Court justice...count the cost. Democrats have turned this into a blood sport. Yes, Democrats. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg received nearly every, single GOP vote. Heck, Ginsburg had a unanimous vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Kagan, Sotomayor never, ever faced anything like Kavanaugh. Additionally, Kavanaugh's family, even children, have been mocked by allies (aka: illiberals) of the Democrats. 
  • In the #MeToo era no man is to ever be believed*. Despite the examples of Tawana Brawley and Duke lacrosse. More recently there's the Rolling Stone magazine story which went all in believing a fabricated story. The magazine almost ceased to exist because of the failure to perform due diligence on the story. It settled lawsuits. For those of you who say...OK, but these are old stories I will offer this one. A woman accused four guys of raping her in a hotel room in Vegas. However, the hotel had cameras and revealed she lied. 
  • *No man is ever to be believed unless he is Bill Clinton or a Democrat like Rep. Keith Ellison who was determined innocent of domestic abuse charges by an "internal House" investigation conducted by an attorney for a law firm who has donated $500,000 to Dems. Oh, and the attorney seemingly did not find credible the medical records noting the physical abuse. 
  • Political agenda trumps actual cases of abuse against women. The unsubstantiated allegations against Kavanaugh hurt the legitimate cases of rape and abuse. It's like when your kid lies to you...you become leery of the next claim of "I am being honest!"  
  • Do not name your son "Brett." It's bad, according to Democrats. No, not kidding. Check the link.
  • When obtaining important information...do NOTHING, unless/until it benefits your political agenda. Thanks to U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein for this valuable tip.
  • Never ever throw away your yearbook.
  • Destroy your yearbook.
  • Advise your high school students to keep a calendar of every event they attend and a diary of each thought...oh, and make sure it is witnessed and notarized. You never know. 
  • Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing(s) is yet another example of why tens of thousands are leaving the Democrat Party...#WalkAway.

I am sure there are, will be, other lessons, but frankly I am now in a bad mood and need to stop. 

Oh, and one more lesson learned...

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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