Facebook Attacks TMS Post as Fake News...Hmmm

Some times you have to check the fact-checker

When I posted a link to a story in Natural News about the background of Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey-Ford Facebook sent a notice to someone up the chain at iHeart that "Preston Scott Posted Fake News." Obviously, I was notified. 

Facebook used PolitiFact (a Pulitzer Prize winning fact checking product) of the Poynter Foundation which shares a major donor with the Clinton Foundation. But, it is important to point out the findings of the University of Minnesota and George Mason University which concluded PolitiFact slams the GOP three times more often than Democrats. PolitiFact has struggled explaining the imbalance given the public record. 

The young lady for PolitiFact who wrote the report challenging the story alleging that Christine Blasey-Ford has ties to a company which makes the infamous abortion pill RU-486 used to intern at Politico and, wait for it, The New Yorker. Yes, the same site of the recent article attacking SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh while admitting it had no, repeat NO, corroboration of the accusation. 

But, let's not get side-tracked.

Let's look at the facts.

  1. As PolitiFact admits...Blasey-Ford did work for the drug company Corecept. 
  2. In fact, she authored or co-authored at least eight reports on the drug used for RU-486 and dozens over-all. 
  3. In stark contrast to the conclusion made in PolitiFact (and yes, I sent all of this to PolitiFact) the Washington Post (yes, The WaPo) pointed out in April of this year, Korlym, which is the name of the drug manufactured and marketed by Corecept, was originally and specifically used for abortion. The Post called it its "controversial origin."

So, there IS a connection between Christine Blasey-Ford the manufacturer of Korlym. PolitiFact focuses on the relatively recent revelation that Korlym is effective in treating Cushing's Disease. But, even in on the Korlym website it states clearly:


Korlym should never be taken by women who are pregnant or who might become pregnant. Taking Korlym during pregnancy will result in the loss of a pregnancy. A pregnancy test is required before starting Korlym or if treatment is interrupted for more than 14 days. Talk with your doctor about how to prevent pregnancy.

While verifying many facts of the connection between Blasey-Ford and Corecept, PolitiFact's conclusion is wrong, so is Facebook for relying on it. 

In fact, it is worth noting that this provides far more support of concerns over Blasey-Ford's motivations and claims than she has offered to support her claims against Brett Kavanaugh.

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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