Chester's Escape Attempts Challenge PRS

This is Chester, my "Blue Lobster" (aka crawfish). 

Since adding Facebook Live to our arsenal of broadcast outlets I decided our breaks needed some panache. Something more than my bobblehead collection. I even got email from folks asking me to show ANYTHING more riveting. So, after trying a betta fish (sent back to the pet store for not fulfilling his contractual obligations to perform from 6-9 AM) I went with "Chester and The Blue Plate Specials."

Of course, the BPSs were a quintet of feeder fish and Chester helped himself to all of them within a week. So, Chester became a solo act quickly. However, I think he has gotten bored. In the last couple of days I have found him out of the tank on two different occasions. 

How did he get there? 

Great question. I really have no idea. We have seen Chester scale up the tank heater, but it is positioned in a place where he cannot possible use it to get to the opposite side of the tank where the filtration system is located. He would have to be able to scale the tank like someone would hang on the ledge of a building and pull themselves across. My best guess was the artificial plant. It was just rigid enough to allow him to grab the edge of the filter. I mean, my goodness, he has a gazillion legs. Besides his main pincers, Chester has several sets of smaller ones and he can grab with them rather well. 

So, what to do?

I have had suggestions of netting. Perhaps, but Chester could pull that stuff right into the tank. I still have to change water, and clean the tank, so I am not sure about that idea. I am considering a different tank and filter system. One just a little bigger with the typical underground filter. I am pushing back on the notion because I hate out of tank pumps...noisy and generally annoying. 

Honestly, I think removing the plant ends the issue. But, come Monday I may find Chester on top once more. Hopefully, I will not have to talk about him in the past tense. 

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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