WATCH: TPD Officer Video Goes Viral

Officers deserve some thanks, too

Yes, there are bad members of the law enforcement community. Just like there are bad radio show hosts and bad whatever. It does not matter the profession there are good and bad. Thankfully, the good generally outweigh the bad.  

Having two brothers who served their respective communities as police officers I can tell you from their experiences being a cop is often a thankless and, nearly always, dangerous. Just consider how you would do if in the routine of your job you could literally lose your life with any encounter. 

Such is the case of law enforcement officers (LEOs) - only it is the rule, not the exception. 

You pull someone over to let them know something is wrong with their car. You are trying to do a good thing, but the guy behind the wheel also has a warrant out for his arrest and he pulls a gun. 

You head to a domestic violence call. The wife has been beaten by her husband and as you begin to place the husband under arrest, the wife inexplicably pulls a knife and attacks. The list goes on and on and on.

The dangers are life threatening, routine, and relentless. 

So, when is saw the story of Tallahassee Police Officer Tony Carlson in the Tallahassee Democrat (BTW: Skip, William...this is how you give credit to the entity which breaks the story.), I smiled because someone took video of an officer doing a good thing and posted it. 

It went viral. It should have. 

The short version is that a man who wants to improve his situation and not be homeless applied for a job at a local McDonald's. However, he needed to shave. Struggling to do it, Officer Carlson just happened to see the man and offered to help. 

He did so much more. 

He saw a fellow human being, one many of us simply do not see (for all kinds of reason) in our regular travels, trying to help himself to a better life. He just needed a little help. 

Officer Carlson, thank you. A simple gesture of kindness is reverberating across the country and it is reminding many that LEOs, like yourself, do good things all the time. It's just not always recorded. 

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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