WATCH: Ben Shapiro tackles, "Intersectionality"

Ever heard of "Intersectionality?" Me either.

This is what happens in the "echo chamber." 

The echo chamber is made up of members of Congress, wannabes, and mainstream media outlets which get fed and regurgitate the same talking points over and over and over. 

Illiberals (ie: many, or most, Democrats) have this skill of creating false narratives. For example, today there is a sudden outrage over an Obama era policy regarding children and ILLEGAL immigrants. No, President Donald Trump did not sign an executive order creating some new policy ripping kids out of the arms of their parents. Homeland Security is enforcing policies and laws on the books. 

One determines it is necessary to remove children from parents deemed to be a danger to their kids. It makes sense. Candidly, I would do so in each case (*more on that below). The overarching story is happening. It is a false story and illiberals know it. But, they muddy the discussion by dropping "illegal" from immigrant grouping them all together. Additionally, they ignore the large number of "kids" being pushed across the board unaccompanied.

In reality there are two problems: 1) Immigration; 2) Illegal immigration. They are very different problems. Solving the former, I promise you, will NOT solve the latter. 

But, illiberals and most Democrats have created a false narrative and the echo chamber repeats it over and over so it gains traction and a perceived sense of credibility. 

* Immigrants who enter our country illegally are actually breaking in and law enforcement calls it "breaking and entering." We need to call it what it is...illegal immigrants are breaking into our nation. We also need to look illiberals and Democrats in the eye and demand they leave their offices and the front doors on their homes unlocked. Go even further, let's give directions on how to find their homes or offices and gain entry. Heck, let's give them what they need (rations, transport, etc.) to accomplish their mission!

We now come to Ben Shapiro offering the latest illiberal invention...Intersectionality. You are going to LOVE this short clip.

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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