WATCH: Control the words, control the culture

I warned in week ONE of TMS, way back in March 2002, that political correctness would unravel our culture. The proclamation originated as a result of a story in California about a school deciding to ban the recess staple of playing "Tag." 


The principal opined it was necessary because "it (playing tag) stigmatized the child who is 'it'." 

I never knew a kid made to play the game. No, not even the chubby ones who struggled running because what fun was that? But, soon schools throughout California came to the same conclusion. It was silly and still is, but the PC Police did not stop there. 

Today on the program I had the story of an alleged "pop star" fuming because the shampoo in hotels was for "white people." I wish I was kidding. 

In this "class" from Prager U - you see there is intent in this cultural war. And we (common-sense thinking citizens) are losing. 

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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