WATCH: Marchers have NO CLUE what an assault weapon is?!?!?

Utterly horrifying. 

Some, not all, are brainwashed, under-educated, kids who still need their parents permission to have a Tylenol in the clinic. Others, on both sides (though more on one side than the other), offer an intelligent discourse on the subject of keeping schools safer. Yet, somehow safer schools has taken a backseat to an emotional reaction and desire to strip our nation of the 2nd Amendment. 

You may think, "Nah, Pres...the kids, and some of us, just want an end to people having the kind of guns being used in these senseless crimes."

Oh, assault weapons, right? (The chorus erupts, "RIght!)

This irrational debate is about guns because any gun can be used in an assault, but woe be to anyone who applies the same logic to cars, trucks, knives, baseball bats...cell phones?

The danger here is we may be facing a wave of self-induced know, they may hold their collective breath until they get their way. 

However, once again, without their illiberal prepared talking points in hand, we get to see and hear what these well-intentioned, but silly kids actually know about the object of their scorn..."assault weapons." 

(Cue the sinister music)

Check out the video below, from the march on Saturday. Be prepared to duct tape your heads and then sit down with your own kids because many of them have been swept up in psunami of stupid. 

Personally, I am on a mission to make sure we apply the same descriptive word to other things. 

Try these: 

"Hey, careful what that assault hammer!" Or, "I am thinking of buying a new assault wedge for my golf bag." Then there's, "Honey, would you hand me the assault butter knife?"

Sure, laugh...break out the SMH but, if we care going to demonize an inanimate object I'll be darned if we will not do it to every potential "weapon."

Assault bats, assault rocks, assault bottles, assault bricks, assault iron, assault rebar, assault screwdriver, assault wrench, etc.

And let's not forget assault cars and trucks, Assault fertilizer, assault clocks and timers, assault wire, and so on. Scariest of all is a growing number of these youth believe the U.S. Constitution has outlived its usefulness. 

As the kids would punch out...OMG, SMH.

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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