Democrats soul searching; illegal immigration, guns, more

Democrats, illegal immigration, guns, abortion, and more

All right Democrats…time for some soul searching. 

If you are a member of the Democratic Party it starts with a study of history. 

  • Ever heard of Ripon, Wisconsin? It’s where the Republican Party was born. Why? To fight for the end of slavery. They prevailed – over? Democrats.  
  • Guess which party opposed blacks through the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s…The Democrats
  • Democrats long opposed the suffrage movement.
  • Additionally, Democrats have been the primary supporters of abortion…the killing of a babies, as in human beings.
  • Dems are also wrong on the 2nd Amendment and guns; wrong on illegal immigration, tax policy, economics… 

I could go on and on…simply put, Democrats are almost always wrong. Historically and currently. 

The Mayor of Oakland, California, Libby Schaaf, chose to protect illegal immigrants, tipping off the illegal alien community of a pending ICE raid. Hundreds, if not thousands got away. Of those 232 arrested, 180 were either convicted criminals, had been given a final order for removal from the U.S., or were already removed and had returned. By the way, that is nearly 78% of the illegals in one raid were and are criminals or in direct violation of immigration law. 

Of the 180, 115 had serious convictions - like sex crimes against children, violent crimes, weapons charges, or multiple felonies. In other words, Mayor Schaaf was no better than the lookout for a gang or the driver of the getaway car. 

She is a criminal and should be arrested and prosecuted

Consider those who got away. 

So, current do you do it? How do you go to church on Sunday and absolve yourself of being aligned with a party with a platform which thinks killing babies is OK? How do you ignore the history? How do you drown out the voice of reason when looking at illegal immigration? 

You keep convincing yourself the Democrat party "cares for the people." Really? It does? Based on what? The Great Society has exacerbated poverty (it always grows under Democrats...look at Obama administration alone). Democrats fight for "Dreamers," yet when the President offered a plan to grant a path to citizenship for DOUBLE the number of Dreamers Democrats asked for they declined. Why? Because they want victims and issues, not solutions. Gun policy advocated by Democrats makes all of us less safe, not more. Like I stated earlier, I could go on and on.

Do not be deceived any longer.

Do some independent study, ask yourself some hard, uncomfortable questions. Look, I am not telling you to become a Republican (I’m not one), but I would be embarrassed to be a Democrat.

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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