6.17.63 - It's not a new song by Chicago; it's much more important


One of the iconic band's greatest hits was entitled "25 or 6 to 4." 

Rumors have swirled for years on the meaning of the song. The first few lines actually yield a clue. 

"Waiting for the break of day...Searching for something to say...Dancing lights against the sky...Giving up I close my eyes...Sitting cross-legged on the floor...25 or 6 to 4"

Chicago singer/vocalist Robert Lamm shared the mysterious message which turned out to be as plain as day. He was struggling writing a song in the wee hours of the morning and checked the clock.

Simple as that we have the message behind the hit song. 

It's a song about time. 

My new segment on TMS is called 6.17.63. It's not a song, but it's about time.

That was the last day in America public school teachers could lead their charges with a prayer and/or a scripture or two from the Bible. We can thank atheist Madeline Murray O'Hare (no, I do not care if I misspelled her name) and an ignorant U.S. Supreme Court for a ruling which ended the practice of millions of students starting their day with God's Word. 

What followed is a spiritual principle. If you want to challenge me, have at it. But, I am not doing the work for you. National indicators, from crime to abortion to divorce, began to spike off the population growth curve. 

Look, you can't "kick God out of school." However, we have fallen into the trap of thinking and stating it (happened last week in What's The Beef?), but the bigger principle is we used to start our days off, at least our kids in school, with biblical passages. The Bible states when His Word is sown it reaps a crop...something beneficial. Always. 

I am guessing most of us do NOT send our kids out the door with some good ol' Godly wisdom straight from the Good Book. 

Is it any wonder our country, for all of its blessings, is in the crapper?

Of course, there are exceptions. 

But if you dig down, most of what ails our nation traces back to one thing...broken homes. Even mass shooters, like the kid who killed seventeen almost two weeks ago, often come from broken homes. And broken homes skyrocketed in America shortly after 6.17.63.


I will be reading a verse of scripture from the Bible (no other books are needed nor will they be entertained) each morning. I may start the show with it. I may start a later hour with it. I may move it around. For those of you with kids in the car point out what I am doing and why.

Then, remind your kids no one can remove God from their heart...not even the United States Supreme Court. Maybe this will inspire you...there are great daily devotionals out there. Go get one. Let's turn back the clock and reinsert into our culture something which can never be removed...God's Word in the heart of our children - no matter the age. 

Remember, my "song" is titled 6.17.63. Below is how I presented it on TMS.

It's about time. 

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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