School shootings - Ready for sensible answer?

Please...share this with students in your circle who will be "guided" by local teachers to attend a rally at the State Capital on Wednesday. Most of them are misguided because they have never been taught the importance of the 2nd Amendment and why is keeps our nation safe from a tyrannical government and, most likely, any chance of being invaded by a hostile foreign attacking force (OK, except illegals from the southern border). 

This is the beginning of a real conversation to get one. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is working with a private Christian college to implement a plan to discourage a shooter from coming onto campus. 

You can see to his plan in his words here.

This is not complicated and, if you like, my plan will no longer allow for schools to be "soft targets." Ask students if they wish their teachers were trained and carried a gun you would likely be shocked at the response. But, right now they are only being presented with a one sided solution...take guns out of the hands of citizens. Wrong. 

  • Take uniforms off school resource officers/deputies. Keep the car. Just add an element of "I'm not sure which one is the law" to the equation a would-be shooter has to calculate. 
  • Playing off the same theme of uncertainty, allow teachers and key staff the option of being trained and carrying. Training on the taxpayers, gun purchase on the teacher. 
  • Invite screened (hey, I had to be screened to be a volunteer basketball coach in Leon County) former military and law enforcement to serve as perimeter monitors, armed, of course, to add another layer of security. 

Once you harden the potential target, then allow there to be something other than bodies, books, and barricades to stop a bad guy with bullets we will change the outcomes in these school shootings. 

I bet the coach who died trying to shield students with his body would have preferred a gun. 

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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