The Light? It's a train coming...

The last time the FBI was so deep into investigating Tallahassee it was to look at former Mayor John Marks. It would seem Marks received protection from the U.S. Attorney's office at the time due to U.S. Attorney Pam Marsh's professional relationship with former City Commissioner Alan Katz (an Obama bundler, later rewarded with an Ambassador post). Katz served with Marks on the City Commission and shared some, um, Honeywell. Keep in mind, that is what has been suggested in some quarters because the FBI had, allegedly, up eleven charges against Marks. 

We fast forward to the massive investigation of current elected leaders and high profile local businessmen and women in Florida's capital city. When the original subpoenas were released a tsunami of others (citizens, victims, current & former City workers) came forward sensing a degree of safety. The case has blown into, perhaps, one of the largest corruption cases in memory...anywhere. 

There are rumors swirling of some arranging divorces to protect assets while others involved have flat out all-but-fled town. None of this surprises me because I have been calling out elected and appointed City officials and their suspicious decisions and dealings for more than a decade. I have endured efforts to have me fired. Thankfully, I work for a pretty big company which said, in essence, "Pound sand." 

It does not matter. 

This has gone too far to get shut down even though there have been efforts to, if not shut down, limit the damage. Former U.S. Attorney Pam Marsh (who unbelievably claimed she knew nothing of the FBI's local investigation while she was in office) is now advising the City. She may even be defending some of the accused. There have even been efforts to influence who will in be the chair of U.S. Attorney in our district because the man there now is interim and apparently does not want the job. 

Yes, this is a soap opera with twists and turns. For example, there is a GOP member of Congress trying to get former Hillary Clinton supporters into the job. Alleged conservatives ready to toss you, the citizens, under the bus to stay in favor with this disgusting lobby of corruption. Yes, I know who it is, but now is not the time to go public with the name. We need the right person to get the job of U.S. Attorney in our district and we need that person to see this through. 

As an aside, John Marks is not out of the woods. His former partner, Harold Knowles, was nabbed in Georgia on Federal charges. I am told he is singing like a canary. This development should worry Marks...a LOT. Harold knows much and has much to tell. Going all the way back to a bid to build afence around the Tallahassee (then Regional) International Airport. 

Here's a hint - he never built a fence before or since, but Knowles got the bid and his law partner at the time was Mayor John Marks. 

But, I digress. Do not lose heart. When indictments come, and they will, the citizens will win because the FBI, though moving slowly, usually does not make mistakes when it comes to public corruption. Look no further than this breaking story

The light is coming...but before we look to the light of a new day we need to step back because the light coming is a train and it is not going to be pretty to see what it illuminates and then takes down. 

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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