WATCH: Pelosi Slammed By "Dreamers"

This is an amazing turning of the tide. It remains to be seen how long the tide remains in, or out, but nonetheless this is a classic, living example of the old axiom "a revolution consumes itself." 

Here is the Congressional poster child for granting illegal immigrants and their children every benefit earned by those who entered the country legally being excoriated by the very people she has been pushing to help. 

The clip title states "Undocumented youth"...which is a cleaned up way of stating "illegals." Most of these kids were likely brought to the country by their parents who entered illegally. Though there is a legal way to apply for status in the country, they think they ought to be granted citizenship. How different is it from saying the kids of bank robbers ought to be allowed to keep the stolen money? 

I almost feel sorry for Pelosi - not because she has been correct in her cause, but because her face is filled with actual fear and she is learning a bitter truth. The truth - people who believe themselves entitled are dangerous. 

I watched dozens of versions of this presser before choosing this one. The entire clip is interesting, but the real fun starts around 3:30 into the clip. 

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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