WATCH: Paris Climate Agreement #101

World leaders with no chip in the game are in hysterics. Illiberals who have not altered their lives one iota are up-in-arms. Heck, even the absurdly ridiculous Mayor of Pittsburgh cannot contain his angst. President Donald Trump revoked the USA's participation in the Paris Climate Agreement (or whatever you want to call it - known in this column moving forward as "scam"). 

If you are one of those with your knickers in a twist over the President's decision to reverse a decision made by his predecessor - President Barack Obama - then I have good news. 

Help is here. Literally, right here. It's called the truth. 

Oh, and it should matter Obama entered into this agreement without the consent or consultation of the United States Senate - the deliberative body is required to approve any treaty. What a shock - Obama did his own thing via Executive Order. Funny how illiberals hate it when someone on the other side does the same thing. 

Fact: Not one of Al Gore's "settled science" predictions from the movie "Inconvenient Truth" came true. Doesn't that refute the entire notion of settled science?

What follows is a breakdown of the infamous scam. It will not take much of your time and you will feel much better about the President's decision. BTW: The production of this clip happened months ago. 

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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