Hunter captures bear attack...on HIMSELF!

After looking at this a few times...I have concluded mistake number 1) Hunting in bear country with only bow and arrows. You gotta have some thunderous weaponry, just in case; 2) Standing there while the bear makes its way in your direction; 3) When bear is roughly twenty feet away making weird noises.

But, that is just me. Experts have a different set of ideas. If you are being attacked by a black bear they say stand your ground, fight back, make loud noises, etc. The reason is the diet of black bears. They say it's just totally different and the reason for a different response. For the record - the general consensus if attacked by a Grizzly (or brown) bear is to go into the fetal position and pray. 

I credit the guy. He did what "they" say you should do. He seemed to have survived without one scratch. So, "they" were right. NOTICE: At the very end of the video, I think he utters one of the big seven bad words. Just warning you. 

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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