VIDEO Bethune-Cookman students stand, turn back on DeVoss

Oh, my.

Leaders at Bethune-Cookman University had a good idea, in another time. Sadly we are in a time when the precious snowflakes (ie: college students) cannot tolerate ideas outside their bubble or, in this case, someone working for President Donald Trump. Betsy DeVoss, Education Secretary,  never had a chance.

What if the situation had been different? Reversed, in fact. 

What if it were a small, private school with a predominantly white students? What if the speaker had been...say...Loretta Lynch, the former Attorney General under President Barack Obama? What if the students had stood up, turned their backs, jeered, screamed obscenities for the entire speech? 

Would those students have been given the "breathing room" to explain it as a philosophical difference with Lynch, and by extension the President, or would it have been immediately turned into a race issue? I ask these questions because I know the answer (I almost always know the answers to the questions I ask), but I want to force you into thinking about it. 

Betsy DeVoss should never have been invited. That is not an indictment of the kids at Bethune-Cookman. The same is true at campuses all over the country. Today's young people cannot handle it. Most are incapable of entering into discussions or debate, or even sitting and listening to, someone with whom they may disagree. The students at B-CU were put in an awful spot, but that is the extent of understanding I am willing to extend. 

As you watch the first few seconds, minutes (good luck, I got angry), of the video consider a few things.

Consider the irony DeVoss is a proponent of education policies which would benefit, more than any other group, minorities. Sad, she was never given the opportunity to explain her vision of education and the role those students could play in making it come to pass. Consider these students were rude to Devoss simply because she accepted a post offered by someone they don't like (even though Trump will help their futures far more than Obama ever did). And lastly, consider the likely reality most of the students would not have been able to pick out Betsy DeVoss in a room of ten people. They did not even know her, let alone her heart or ideas. 

Oh, my.

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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