ESPN collapse latest symptom of PC gone wild

Now the exit of Dan Patrick, Jim Rome, Colin Cowherd, Erin Andrews, and Mike Tirico makes a lot of sense doesn't it?

The crash at ESPN was predictable as is the complete whiff by nearly every analyst trying to explain what has gone wrong.  

Yes…the sports world has changed and people consume sports differently so the nightly highlights are not as important. But, come on…let’s dig a little deeper. 

ESPN overpaid for major sports broadcasting rights. But not just that, it allowed the very leagues it was paying a lot of money to actually compete against it with its own leagues. If the NFL, NBA, and MLB want to have their own networks fine - but the rights fees should have come way down. 

But, that is the easy stuff handed to you like a cold drink at the resort pool. ESPN lots its way and decided to offend millions of viewers by not just dipping its toe into the water of social commentary, but belly flopping into the pool and splashing everyone.

The problem being, folks head to sports for escape, not to have political correctness shoved down their throat. And viewers vote with their wallets. Ask Target; heck ask Hollywood. It’s called the Second Vote and ESPN has been, as I warned long ago, pushing away subscribers.

The losses have been staggering and as a result some really talented people have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

In March 2002 when I began TMS, I warned political correctness would be a major symptom of the unraveling of our country. I am so sorry I was right.

Preston Scott

Preston Scott

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