Don’t mess with the State: ‘Russian Elon Musk’ scientist found dead in his cell

He was known as the “Russian Elon Musk.” Everyone was in agreement that the 56-year-old scientist was nothing short of brilliant. His 3D modeling techniques were so high tech that Russian submarines would soon be able to be fixed remotely from hundreds of miles away, and the same application was being looked at for oil and gas pipelines.

His work was revolutionary. It eventually won him a lucrative contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense… but that would soon be his downfall.

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In a civilized and free country, if you mess with the State, you go to jail. But in Russia, if you mess with the State, you die a secret and brutal death. The entire world got a glimpse of this when the details of the Magnitsky case eventually led to a global sanctions package targeting multiple prominent Russians. Magnitsky exposed a massive fraud scheme that reached the highest echelons of the Russian government. The Kremlin repaid him by throwing him in prison and then beating him to death. The Russian Elon Musk, whose real name is Valery Pshenichny, would soon learn this very same lesson.

Pshenichny had recently accused his business partner of stealing company money, and — like anyone would — he took it to court. But he never in a million years expected his business partner to turn the tables on him and reveal that Pshenichny had been stealing money from the Russian government. It shocked everyone.

In January, men in dark suits knocked on Pshenichny’s door. He instantly knew who they were. It was the feared FSB… the former KGB. As they grabbed him, they said, “Take a good look at your suits. You won’t be needing them anymore, save for your coffin.”

“Just three weeks later, his body was found hanging from an improvised noose in a St Petersburg prison.”

Just three weeks later, his body was found hanging from an improvised noose in a St Petersburg prison. Prison authorities declared it a suicide. The tragic end of a man who had lost everything and had clearly decided to end his misery at the end of a rope.

So end of story right? Well, not so much. The Russian Elon Musk didn’t die from the improvised noose, he died from a few — let’s just say — suspicious circumstances. The medical report found Pshenichny had suffered a broken spine, electric torture, asphyxiation, knife wounds and even rape. It was the Magnitsky scenario all over again. This brilliant scientist had crossed the Russian government, and he paid for it — BRUTALLY — with his life.

Alex Jones recently called Russia the “white knights.” It sounds funny, but that’s the propaganda currently being pushed out of the Kremlin into the entire world… the good ol’ Russians, saving the Christian world. But make no mistake, people like Magnitsky and Pshenichny knew exactly who these people REALLY are.

“White knights” don’t beat people to death for exposing their corruption. They don’t electrocute and rape their citizens to death for crossing the State. This is what’s REALLY going on behind the Kremlin walls, and we’d all better realize what these people are all about.

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