Florida Mother Charged For Filming Children Abusing Each Other

Child Abuse Words on Wooden Blocks

Photo: Constantine Johnny / Moment / Getty Images

Seffner, FL - A Florida mother is accused of orchestrating the abuse of one of her children by another while recording the disturbing incidents on video.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, on February 20th, deputies and a representative from the Department of Child and Families conducted a welfare check at the mother’s Seffner residence.

Deputies say the mother, aged 28, resided with her two children, one whose age was not disclosed, and another child under the age of 5.

Investigators say that upon inspection, one of the children, aged younger than 5, exhibited signs of distress, shaking, and crying.

The child also bore a 2-inch bruise on their cheek, concealed under a recent haircut.

When questioned about the bruise, the child told investigators that their mother had slapped them multiple times.

Authorities say a search of the mother’s phone revealed videos depicting the children being subjected to abuse.

In one video, the mother instructed one child to strike the other with a belt, while laughing and encouraging the act.

Additionally, another video captured the mother threatening one of the children with torture, allegedly stating that “if they die, then so be it.”

The mother has been charged with child abuse and taken into custody.

Authorities confirmed the children are now under the care of a relative.

To protect the identities of the children, the mother’s identity has not been revealed. An ongoing investigation is underway.

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