The Move That Could Lead To Football On State College Campuses

Close up of a hand off of a football in a game of non-contact flag football.

Photo: Getty Images

Football may soon be coming to some community colleges in Florida.

The state Board of Education has repealed a rule that has prohibited two-year state colleges from having teams.

It was determined that the Florida Department of Education no longer has the statutory authority to have the rule, which has been on the books for decades.

An official with the Florida College System Activities Association says the change is likely a move to set up the creation of women's flag football teams on state college campuses.

The national governing body that oversees junior college sports in March announced women’s flag football as an “emerging sport,” declaring the 2021-2022 school year the sport’s inaugural season.

According to the News Service of Florida, the National Junior College Athletic Association partnered with the NFL to provide $10,000 grants to member colleges that “declare their intent to participate” in women’s flag football over the next two years.

Florida Gateway College in Lake City was a recipient of one of those grants, indicating that at least one college in the state is planning to field a women’s flag football team.

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