Public Official Says She's "Disgusted" By DeSantis' "Political Nonsense"

Melissa McKinlay-Eblast

Photo: CBS 12

A public official is criticizing Governor DeSantis, claiming he is playing politics when it comes to the state's ban on so-called "vaccine passports."

The governor has said that the law, which calls for fines of up to $5,000 for violators, includes employers. But Palm Beach County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay says the law exempts some industries.

"The governor has pointed out, 'This firefighter should not lose his job, or she should not lose her job because she was forced to get vaccinated.' His very legislation exempted emergency medical services."

Many firefighters also serve as EMT's and paramedics.

The commissioner says DeSantis knows better.

"I just hate seeing this political nonsense played out in the media. It really goes against everything we're trying to do to keep our communities safe."

She added that it "disgusts" her.

McKinlay also took issue with the governor's plans to sue the Biden administration over a yet-to-be issued executive order that would force many employers to institute vaccine mandates.

She says the president would allow employers to have workers who won't be vaccinated be tested weekly and therefore nobody would be forced to get the shots under the assumed order.

But one employer in Palm Beach County does not allow for the testing option, except for employees who are granted a medical or religious exemption. A spokesperson for the County Tax Collector's office tells us that there are several employees who are required to be tested regularly for COVID-19.

Tax Collector Anne Gannon recently said she has no plans to drop her restrictive mandate.

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