DeSantis Isn't Backing Statewide Audit for Florida 2020 Election

ST. PETE BEACH -- Governor Ron DeSantis is not backing calls for an audit of the 2020 election in Florida. Speaking to reporters in St. Pete Beach,

DeSantis said the state already did an audit, and Florida passed "with flying colors."

DeSantis believes the law passed by the Legislature this year should make people confident about future elections. "Voter ID, not only in person (but also) absentee voting, also making sure there's no ballot harvesting. That is totally toxic," DeSantis said. That elections law is currently going through the courts.

The Lake County Republican Party has passed five resolutions asking the state legislature to audit the 2020 election, which President Trump won by more than 370,000 votes. Republicans also improved their positions downballot in Florida.

Photo: Getty Images

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